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Treatment Issues

The First Seven Tasks Of Group Treatment

1. Break through denial.
2. Understand the nature of the illness.
3. Surrender to the process.
4. Limit damage from behavior.

5. Establish sobriety.
6. Ensure physical integrity.
7. Participate in a culture of support.

Goals For Group Members

Woman on the couch with her therapist

Lee Psychological Services has many goals for people who come to our program. The following are a list of things that we teach during the SARP group sessions. Some group members will have a strong desire not only to learn these things, but to find ways to apply them to their own life, while others may choose not to.


Understanding Cybersex in 2010
Patrick Carnes, PhD
Stefanie Carnes, PhD

For many clinicians, sex addiction has appeared as a peripheral and perhaps questionable diagnosis. Recent media hype and the portrayal of sex addicts in treatment add to that perception. However, realization grows that sex addiction is a viable designation and a treatable illness. Many therapists now have patients and families who describe hopelessness around compulsive sexual behavior on the Internet. In fact, over seventy percent of sex addicts report cybersex as the beginning or as a catalyst to their sexual acting out. Read more here.

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