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The SARP Program offers treatment to aid men in regaining their freedom from the disease of sexual addiction. Most men are simultaneously treated for mood disturbance, anxiety or other addictions, such as chemical dependency.

The SARP Program has a special focus on working through past trauma and family problems. The program is designed to help men regain freedom from compulsive behaviors and develop a sense of healthy sexuality.

Group treatment

It's our mission to offer quality cost-effective care while at the same time offering a comprehensive level of treatment and services. These services include Individual Treatment, Group Treatment, Couples Treatment, Chemical Dependency Treatment and Family Violence Treatement.

Individual Treatment

Individual therapy involves regularly scheduled sessions between client and therapist for 50 minutes per week every week and is indicated when you feel like you have problems and/or are stuck in your life. In individual therapy, only the therapist will know your secrets. During your time together, you can dig deeply into your problems to understand the origin of them and what has to be done in order to change.

Often, the therapist will take a psychodynamic and/or cognitive behavioral approach and combine other approaches according to their training and what your needs are. These methods primarily involve talking to the therapist with the goal of resolving your problems through understanding your pain and challenges together.

Therapy can be brief or long-term depending on your goals, which you should determine together with your therapist. Individuals come to therapy for a wide range of reasons including but not limited to; issues of depression, general anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and unresolved childhood experiences. Additionally, some may want to have a better self-image, work towards removing blocks to achieve their potential, or confront issues of self-esteem or body issues.

Sex Addiction Treatment

Sexual addiction is often characterized as a problem that involves any type of uncontrollable sexual activity that is secretive, shaming or abusive. Addicts report that after they engage in these behaviors they often feel distressed and full of despair. Denial causes the sex addict to ignore or minimize the problem, justify and/or rationalize the consequences, and/or blame others. Often early childhood trauma lies at the root of the problem.

Treatment includes individual work with a therapist that focuses on stopping the painful and troublesome behaviors. A comprehensive assessment period takes place whereby a full history of the patient is examined. This includes: etiology of the problem, points of escalation, current stressors, family of origin issues, past trauma and current health concerns. A complete diagnosis is then made and together with the therapist, clearly defined treatment plans and recommendations are discussed.

As part of this cognitive/behavioral, task-oriented approach, a sexual sobriety plan is constructed leading many to experience sexual abstinence for the first time in their lives. By the end of thirty days on this plan, people often report a sense of well-being, relief from lying and leading a double life, a restored sense of dignity and hope for a future free of sexually compulsive behaviors.

Group Treatment

Group therapy is acknowledged as the most effective form of treatment for sex addicts. Group focuses on shame reduction, maintaining sexual sobriety through high levels of accountability, the value of honesty, being congruent in all areas of life, and expressing feelings. In addiction, addicts become lonely, withdrawn and isolated. Group therapy aids in creating intimate bonds by encouraging group members to have explicit conversations about their sexuality, body image, relationships, and life struggles. In an environment that supports sexual sobriety, integrates, normalizes and celebrates eroticism, sexual health can unfold.

Recoverying Couples Therapy

In the case of couples in recovery from sexual addiction, the betrayed partner often feels pain, anger and distrust while the partner responsible for the betrayal can exhibit shame and passivity. There are usually years of built up pain and resentment causing an avoidance of intimacy and problems with sexual desire.

Couples facing recovery from sexual addiction have a better chance of staying married if they commit to a rigorous course of treatment both separately and together. Issues such as safety, how to proceed during the first three to six months, sexual boundaries, concerns about children in the household, and lifestyle issues are addressed early on. Additionally, resources are provided for both parties on where to get information and education to better understand the problem and begin the repair process.

Over time, the couple will begin to address their concerns about being sexual with one another and be assisted in having explicit conversations about creating their ideal sex life. Education and information about what healthy intimacy and healthy sexuality will be provided to support their mutual vision for their future.

Please contact SARP if you have questions about our services.

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